The Engineers

Ashok Kumar
The king of pace. We have been a different team ever since this muscle man started playing for us.
Cricketing ambition: To score a century some day.
Ashok Sharma-ji
The ever green hero of our club. Our away trips are not complete without Sharmaji. A very useful slow bowler.
Cricketing ambition: To bat in the middle order.
Biju Paul
Rudder of the ship. Leading the team for the past few years with moderate success. After all, the captain is only as good as the team. Claims to be an all rounder.
Cricketing ambition: To score more than 10 runs in a match.
Bibhas Roy
A stylish batsman and stylish bowler. But his style hasn't threatened any of his opposition yet. This stand in 'keeper is an ardent football player too.
Cricketing ambition: To play football with cricket ball.
Bikash Mohanty
An excellent 'keeper. His quick reflexes behind the wicket is a nightmare for any batsman.
Cricketing ambition: To remain not out in all the matches. So he bats at no. 11!
Bobby Philips
chirp...chirp...chirp... What else can a cricket(er) do? The team has both benefited and suffered after this old timer has rejoined the team.
Cricketing ambition: To keep chirping.
Ganesh Tajave
An useful and committed all rounder. A middle order batsman and a good medium pacer too.
Jagannath Panda
The darling of the team. Don't mistake his shyness for his cricketing attitude. He is a very aggressive bowler and a hard hitter of the ball. This bowling wizard once brought us victory in a match in which we were all out for 48! A perfect team man.
Mukesh Kumar
A top quality cricketer and a genuine spinner. Unfortunately, his reputation as a good batsman hasn't yet reflected in his statistics.
Cricketing ambition: To score at least one half century.
Narayanan Ram
This unassuming cricketer with loads of stamina has become a central figure of our plans ever since he joined the club. His all round performance has played a stellar role in many matches.
Rajkumar Chettiyar
A man any captain would love to have in his team. Full of resources(human). We were never short of people because of Raj. He once turned up for practice immediately after a 12-hour flight from India! A dedicated and committed team man and a dangerous opening batsman. Do you want to play cricket at mid-night? Give him a ring.
Cricketing ambition: Keep playing cricket.
Sanjeeb Sahoo
An explosive opening batsman. He doesn't want a cricket practice on Sundays because of the phone calls he is expecting on Sundays.
Cricketing ambition: Not to practice on Sundays.
Santosh Ghadge
A very good all rounder with an aggressive attitude. Once dubbed as a 'Practice bowler', he came back strongly to become one of our premier bowlers.
Cricketing ambition: Keep practicing on all Saturdays.
Silvester Pereira
The maverick vice-captain of IECC and one of our founding members. A very safe player, literally. Wears abdomen pad and helmet even while sleeping to ward off unnecessary threats. His main worry is about the injuries that could happen while playing cricket. Plays cricket to enjoy and enjoys by playing cricket.
Cricketing ambition: Nothing!
Sriram Sampath
Others' Envy, Our Pride! A cut above the rest. This dashing opener belongs to a different class altogether. It is always a beauty to watch him playing his shots. Makes up for almost the entire team. The only one among us who has a century under his belt.
Cricketing ambition: To become a good bowler.
Vimal Vikrant
A useful all rounder. Already proved his worth with some excellent bowling figures.
Visw Ghosh
Scourge of the bowlers in Japan. He has been the backbone of our batting for the past few years. A few centuries under his belt tell the story of his class.
Cricketing ambition: To become a cricket administrator.